Experience authentic wisdom that creates superheroes.

When elite yoga practitioners use their meditative prowess to fly and manipulate their bodies like superheroes, not everyone uses their powers for good.

Now Eric Adams, a former Navy Seal turned yogi, must train a new breed of superhero to stop Physique,
a twisted yogi who threatens the United States with dangerous supernormal abilities.


Drawing from authentic verses in The Yoga Sutra (a third-century text), The Superyogi Scenario is a fresh take on the superhero story that packs a philosophical punch.



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The Superyogi Scenario

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a novel by James Connor









The supernatural meets the spiritual in this unusual, endearing thriller. In his debut novel, Connor may have carved out a new subgenre.


— Kirkus Reviews

Meet the Heroes and Villains

Praise for The Superyogi Scenario


Kirkus Reviews

"The supernatural meets the spiritual in this unusual, endearing thriller. In his debut novel, Connor may have carved out a new subgenre."


Midwest Book Review

"The Superyogi Scenario is a novel with a difference; and in a world replete with novels, this story is a standout. The Superyogi Scenario is exceptional both in its basic concept and in its development: something that crosses genres with a confident combination of action, philosophy, and intriguingly different concepts on what makes a superhero—or, a supervillain."


Foreward Reviews

"With this fun book, both yogis and comic-book lovers will be inspired. Entertaining, engaging, and thought provoking, The Superyogi Scenario has something for everyone. Practitioners of yoga will find themselves looking up comics; comic-book fans will be inspired to book a yoga session. Everyone will look for the next installment in this series. The story is extremely well developed, so much so that it seems nearly ready for the silver screen."


Jeffrey Small, bestselling author of The Breath of God and The Jericho Deception

"James Connor’s The Superyogi Scenario wraps a superhero tale around a spiritual adventure. Blending ancient Indian wisdom into an international thriller, Connor reinterprets yogic teachings for a new generation in a novel that entertains as much as it illuminates. Grab your yoga mat along with this book, and be prepared for a fast-moving, delightfully different novel."


Professor Edwin F. Bryant, author of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: A New Edition, Translation, and Commentary.

"The basic principles and attainments of yoga have manifest in many forms and permutations over the last two millennia across the Indian subcontinent. It is inevitable that they will surface in further unexpected ways in their modern transplanted forms on the Western cultural landscape. The Superyogi Scenario conveys essential ideas of the yogic path with boots and capes!"


Lama Marut, author of A Spiritual Renegade’s Guide to the Good Life and Be Nobody.

"The Superyogi Scenario is exciting, page-turning fiction with a foundation in ethics. Wisely, the author integrates into the story line the fact that the “super powers” or siddhis supposedly manifested by advanced practitioners of yoga can be used either for good or for selfish and hurtful purposes. I really enjoyed reading this modern re-visioning of traditional Indian mythology on the acquisition of supernatural powers."


Darren Rhodes, International Yoga teacher and founder of yogaHOUR

"The Superyogi Scenario reveals that the practices of yoga can turn any ordinary person into an extraordinary being. I totally dharma dug this novel."


Jason Nemer, co-founder, AcroYoga

"The Superyogi Scenario is ancient yogic wisdom with a fresh fun superhero twist. It will make you believe in your inner superhero. By making yoga super cool, this book is a great contribution to the world."


Lilia Mead, Founder of Go Yoga

"The Superyogi Scenario is packed with realizations, wisdom, and sheer excitement. From the complete beginner to the experienced practitioner of yoga, there is something for everyone. I can’t wait for the sequel. And someone, please make this into a movie!"


Stéphane Dreyfus, International Yoga Teacher and
Co-Founder of Triveni Yoga

"The Superyogi Scenario is an extremely entertaining and skillful blend of heroic action, fantastic deeds, and authentic yoga teachings. James Connor’s vast depth of spiritual knowledge merges seamlessly with his equally deep love of comics and super heroics. The blending of these two subjects makes for an intense page-turner that kept me up late into the night."


Kristin Walsh, author of The Training of Kara Steele
“Mythological archetypes come in complex and contemporary wrappings in this inspiring tale of good versus evil. It's a book like no other. A definite must read."


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James Connor after completing a three-year yoga and meditation retreat.

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James Connor began writing supernatural thrillers when he won a
Raven Society Award at the University of Virginia in support of his creative writing. But it wasn’t until two decades later, after completing a three-year isolated meditation and yoga retreat in the high-desert mountains of Arizona, that James felt compelled to publish stories that allow readers to experience deep wisdom gained from his fifteen years of detailed Buddhist and yoga training. Following in the footsteps of his story-telling idols C.S. Lewis, Neil Gaiman, and the Wachowskis, James is a firm believer in combining philosophy with fun. He is also the founder of GoBeyond.org and travels teaching Buddhist and yoga philosophy with an emphasis on meditation.





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